Bring Your Clothing Designs to Life

Call us for custom design services in Dallas, TX

Have you ever wanted to design your own hat, shirt or bandana that pushes the envelope beyond adding a printed image?

BV3 Merch offers authentic custom design services in Dallas, TX.

We’ll sit down with you to customize your design and go over details like materials, stitching and colors to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Our high-tech software goes far beyond the capabilities of clip art to make apparel you can be proud to show off.


Upgrade Your Promotional Gear

Choose us to design your corporate merchandise!

BV3 Merch is a part of ASI, also known as the Advertising Specialty Institute. This promotional products organization allows us to access

any kind of promotional gear you are searching for. From stress balls to koozies, and hats to tumblers, we have the gear you want.

To place an order for corporate merchandise in Dallas, TX, call BV3 Merch at 469-909-3257 today.


Do You Need Custom Apparel?

We make personalized merchandise!

Are you looking for a company to bring your apparel and accessory designs to life? Get in touch with BV3 Merch for the project.

We can take a blank canvas and create exactly what you want.

Bring us your ideas or designs! Our designers will work with you to iron out the details. Call BV3 Merch today to make an appointment

for personalized merchandise.


Buy Apparel in Bulk?

Call us for wholesale merchandise shipped from Dallas, TX

BV3 Merch makes it easy to access wholesale merchandise. We present products and designs to buyers who are looking for stock

in their retail stores. Choose what you like, and we can supply it at a great rate.

Call BV3 Merch today to find out more about wholesale merchandise.


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